Tax ServicesOur PricingNational Average
Basic Just you and a W2. Federal and State.$75$176
Itemized A little more complicated but still fairly normal.$175$279
Business Owner You and your business, but you have all the prep work done.$499$718
Business Owner, the works You need some guidance, but you need it done.$699$946
A Box of Receipts and a Heart of Gold No problem.$75 per hour$250 per hour


Bookkeeping ServicesOur PricingNational Average
Accounting Software NeededFree with us if we do the books$50 per month
Keeping the books.60 per Transaction$199 per month
Form Prep$25 per hour for Form Prep$40 per hour


Payroll ServicesOur PricingNational Average
Includes set up, processing, tax filing, and software1.3% of payroll amountapprox. %2 of payroll amount

Bundle Services and Save!

Bundle 2 Services Like Taxes & BookkeepingSave 10% on the invoice per month!
Bundle All 3 ServicesSave 15% on the invoice per month!