You have a small business. You are good at what you do.

But taxation is where things can get tricky. You want to be efficient and not pay too much. But you don’t want to do something incorrectly and put your business in danger.

This is where we can help. We offer advice throughout the year and we file all your taxes at tax time. We can set up your LLC, tell you best practices, and do all your taxes at the right times.

Green Shield protects your business from red flags and from paying too much. Let us help!

(Good taxation goes well with good bookkeeping and payroll. Bundle these services and save!)




You have expenses. You are keeping your business going.

But the back office portion is taking away from what you are good at doing. There is only so much of you to go around and you need to stay focused on making your customers happy.

This where we can help. We keep your books up to date and offer advice if we see anything that needs improvement. We can give you advice on the best places to put your money to maximize your business and help you grow.

Green Shield protects your business by keeping everything clean, easy, and giving CFO-level advice so you can grow your success.

(Good bookkeeping goes great with your payroll and taxes. Bundle these services and save!)


You have employees. You need to keep them happy and get it done right.

But you wear a lot of hats and you need this done properly without so much of your involvement. You can’t be everything and everywhere at once.

This is where we can help. We do your payroll on time and tie it all in with your taxation. We keep the right records and can even function as an HR department. You can have the coverage your employees need at a fraction of the cost.

Green Shield protects your business by building great employees. Attract better quality help through excellence and doing things right.

(Good payroll goes great with bookkeeping and taxation. They all tie in together. Bundle these services and save!)


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